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Met a Farmer Part 2

February 28, 2019

At lunch on Friday, the first day of the MOSES conference, we met Rick. He was eating alone at a crowded table. We chose the two open seats opposite him. He was quiet and unassuming with beautifully weathered skin and a shy smile. Middle-aged, like us. Though he was quite friendly, it didn’t take long to see he was not the kind of guy who spent much time talking about himself. He reminded me of farmers I grew up with--hardest working and nicest people you could imagine. He seemed willing to answer our questions, so we kept asking. Rick owns a 1500-acre farm somewhere in Iowa. He is transitioning to organic. Said it was scary at first, but he’s a few years into it now and it’s going pretty well. I asked him why transition to organic? “My two my kids (now in their 30’s) want to farm,” he answered, “and we just think it’s a better way.” It’s hard for me to imagine a farm that’s 40 times the size of ours and then deciding to radically change how it’s farmed. I was encouraged to hear that someone on that scale is closing the spigot on chemicals. I was also impressed that two of Rick’s five kids are continuing the family farming tradition. Rarities for sure. Who knows what number of traditional farmers transitioning to innovative agriculture it will take to swing the pendulum to the side of common sense? I’m just glad to report we are one farmer closer.  




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