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Frog Blog

June 5, 2016

Alternative title: One Seed Frog

Last time I wrote a dog blog. Naturally I follow with a frog blog. 

Because even the longest days of the year are about three hours too short, I was tying up loose ends wearing my headlamp. This frog, perched on the edge of planting container, caught my eye as I carried watering cans along a path by the outbuilding. I figured I would not be able to photograph it until I realized, hey, I am a photographer. 

Our sticky-fingered green friend waited patiently while I got my camera--the bulky one, no good for texting or phone calls. I used my headlamp for illumination and, sitting on the ground, steadied the camera on my knees.

Coincidentally we were visited the next day by Diane, a water ecologist friend of our close friend, Pam. Diane offered to take samples to assess the health of our pond and wetland.

She was able to identify the frog--an Eastern Gray tree frog--from my description. Both Eastern and Gray are apparently optional because this is the Midwest and because these frogs readily change skin color. What is not fascinating about that? Wondering: If you could choose from many colors for the name, why gray?

I noticed at the old house that as we increased plant diversity and eliminated the use of poisons, more animals came. I figured it would take longer for that theme to establish itself at the farm. I was wrong. Being wrong is not so bad.

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