2589 Lalor Road Oregon, WI

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Our Story​

We had no intention of owning such a large piece of property.  A couple of acres to expand Steve's growing love of growing would have been just fine. But from the first moment we walked through the Lalor Rd. fields and around the pond, it just felt right.  Steve was destined to become the next steward of this land and continue the Lalor Family tradition of promoting public health and community.  First round of land (debt) acquisition papers were signed August 2014. One Seed Farm, LLC was established Feburary 2015

A "mad"scientist and avid grower, Steve has long been committed to providing healthy, homegrown food for his family and friends.  Over the past decade+, we've been privileged to experience more sustainable approaches to food production, distribution, and consumption both locally and abroad.  During that time, Steve became a prolific student of organic urban farming via Will Allen (Growing Power, Inc.) as well as permaculture/restoration agriculture from Mark Shepard (New Forest Farm) and Grant Schultz (Versaland) – growing practices he passionately incorporated into his .3 acres suburban Fitchburg, WI “farm.”


With expert permaculture design consultation from Peter Allen (Mastodon Valley Farms), Steve and I planted 3400 polyculture species in May, 2015. In addition to establishing a long-term food forest and Savanna Restoration project, One Seed Farm intends to offer organic annual vegetable produce through a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program beginning in Spring of 2016.  Learn more about our farming methods under The Farm tab.

An important part of One Seed Farm is sustainability education.  We hope to share what we have learned, and continue to learn along this journey through a variety of collaborations.  The new farmhouse is a component of this mission.  We are not building a tiny house or going off-grid, but we are creating a near net-zero energy structure that reflects a strong commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.  We hope to inspire others to design and build healthier homes utilizing renewable energy, repurposed materials, and other earth-friendly practices.  See more about our experience with a sustainable building process under The House tab.


Finally, this adventure would not be remotely possible without the extraordinary support of our family, dear friends, new neighbors who will undoubtedly become friends, and every single individual who has planted trees, poured concrete, mulched trees, framed walls, pulled weeds, installed windows, erected tree tubes, offered encouragement, layered vegetable beds, or contributed in ANY way to making our dream a reality.  Grazie mille!  Muchos gracias! Thank you.