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Steve and I greatly appreciate our amazing support community at One Seed Farm and do not take it for granted. 2018 was our second "official" CSA season. While challenging weather-wise, membership doubled and boxes were abundant throughout the season. 

Here what you can look forward to in 2019:

More farm-fresh veggies:

  • We've expanded the CSA growing area, including moving some "land hog" crops (potatoes, garlic, squash) out into the field rows. 

  • Each year we try to improve on variety selection, quality & yield giving members the greatest share value possible.

  • Add-on shares this year include flowers AND eggs! 

More livestock: 

  • Last spring, we added fifteen beautiful laying hens to our existing flock (2 more turned out to be roosters!)  This will allow us to offer a limited number of egg shares to our 2019 CSA.  Even through the severe winter weather, our girls continued laying and we absolutely marvel at their fortitude.

  • 2018 saw a significant increase in meat poultry production, we raised 125 broilers on pasture.  A second chicken tractor (movable pasture pen) will allow us to double production in 2019.  These chickens are not only well-fed and humanely-raised, but also substantially more nutrient-dense and TASTE AMAZING!! 

More on-farm experiences:

We very much hope our farm friends and family take advantage of any opportunity to visit the farm. There are few things more meditative than:

  • Trail hikes to watch the migrating geese, ducks, and occasional eagles

  • Nature walks that can include wild turkeys, thirsty deer, or bouncing baby cranes

  • Picking prairie flowers and fresh berries in the fields

  • Savoring black cherry tomatoes right off the vine